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Denis THOMAS, member for quite a few years at the club, began his HUNGER STRIKE Monday, February 11 to defend the future of our field. Talk in the guest book! 

A video report of the club will soon be broadcast on the channel of the MIR 54 cable.

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Friday, February 15, 2008 Denis Thomas embarked on a struggle without thank you to defend the future of our Aero Club in Longuyon-Villette. He began a hunger strike on Monday, February 11 to show his dissatisfaction with the crisis we are facing and which concerns the "closing" of our land. Source outcome of the newspaper "Le Républicain Lorrain" 15/02/2008)

Saturday, February 17, 2008 Last Saturday, 15 am to 30 Gillardin Jean, member of the Aero Club, of which he is vice-president, had invited his friends of the Local Committee of the Red Cross, to which he belongs, to offer them a first flights.

Sunday, February 18, 2008 "We are Sunday, 18 February 2008. The Councillor of the Canton of Longuyon, Mr Mersh and the Mayor of Villette, Mr LEMBERT has not been heard from Denis the Aero Club of the pilot Lorraine's borders continues his diet. Only Mr Jean-Pierre Jacque and a few running mates Mr and Mrs Daniel THIERY MAHAUT Christine Township Longuyon, went to the site to support the Aero club. "